Information about medical alarms and security systems for handicapped and elderly individuals.

The Basics of Medical Alert Systems

While home security systems service the general population, some homeowners also need medical alert systems. These individuals may have health concerns that limit Senior couple preparing to plant flowers in garden 153998339their ability to function in certain ways, and because of that, they need assistance and protection.But rather than go elsewhere to receive it, why not have it in your own home? If you’re one of these individuals who has health concerns that make it hard to be alone all day, then a medical alert system may be the tool to improve your quality of life.

What Are They?

These security systems are more than home alarms that respond to someone trying to break in through the window. They actually respond to medical emergencies that the homeowner is experiencing. Your monitoring system will always monitor your medical alarm, and when there is an emergency, a trained professional will come to their rescue. For example, if you are feeling incredibly dizzy and you think there’s a medical emergency, you need only press the Help button (also called the Panic button or the Emergency button) and your monitoring professional will call you right up to help you.

Parts of a Medical Alert System

Vector red circle icon. Eps10 462307749The parts of this system are just like a home security system. There’s the product – the Help button – that identifies the problem or security threat. This can be worn on the belt or as a bracelet or other jewelry so that it is always on your person. Pressing the Help button will activate the base unit (like the control panel in security systems) to call your monitoring service. In return, they will then call you to help you with your medical emergency, whether it’s 10am or 3am, Tuesday or Saturday, no matter what time of day or week.

Need for Medical Alert Systems

If you’re elderly, you probably know all too well the experience of watching all of your children and grandchildren grow up and go out on their own. It usually leaves you in the house by yourself with your spouse, which means that if either of you has a medical emergency, you’re dependent on each other. If you or he/she is unable to help, then you’re stuck in deep water. With a trained monitoring professional right there at the other end of the phone line 24/7, you can easily press the Help button if you fall or injure yourself or have another medical emergency.

Acquiring a System for Your Home

Medical alert systems are not overtly complicated except for the fact that there are many choices of companies who provide them. So when choosing a company to go with, look for smart business practices like clear communication and a “customer first” mentality. Choose one that has a proven reputation and is reliable according to customer reviews and BBB ratings; talk to friends and family for referrals if you can. And ask for clear information on any contract information and cost range. Even with medical alarms, some companies may try to dupe their customers into paying more than they need to, so shop around a little before settling with the first quote you hear.

When it comes to health, everyone needs someone watching out for them. And when he or she no longer can or when you’re on your own, you need a medical alert system to keep you safely cared for. Call 866-565-4305 if you’d like to be contacted by a security company that can provide you with a quality medical alarm to help you manage your health.