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The “Why”, the “How”, and the “What” of Smoke Detectors

Combination Smoke and CO Alarm 147083364Home security would be nothing without those emergency alarms like smoke detectors that protect us from the dangers of house fires. With all the medical alarms and security devices that are available to homeowners like you, it’s easy for smoke alarms to slip under the radar. But the truth is, they are one of the only security devices that are required in your home by law! They are required by law because they can save you from a very tragic death and save your home from being destroyed by fire.

Why Are They Necessary?

Homeowners may think, “If there’s ever a fire in my house, I’ll know about it because I’ll have caused it. There’s no reason why it would happen without me knowing.” However, when homes all over the country are experiencing accidental fires every ten seconds, there’s no guarantee that you’ll know when one is going to happen. You can drop a match unknowingly, or an electrical fire can happen, or you can fall asleep on the couch while something is in the oven. House fires are extremely dangerous to your health, leaving long-lasting effects to your respiratory and cardiovascular systems that will change the rest of your life. Furthermore, they can destroy your entire home in a manner of minutes. It’s clear that there is a need for some warning about house fires because of the dangers they present.

How Do Smoke Alarms Help?

Smoke alarms help by giving you an early warning78461342 when fires erupt in the house. Some smoke alarms are better at detecting flaming fires while others are better at detecting smoky fires;having some of each will keep your home well prepared for the disaster. It’s important that you respond quickly to them by getting out of the house (your safety comes first!) and calling the fire department right away from a neighbor’s house to protect your home. If you have a security system set up, you can have your smoke alarms connected to it so that the moment they go off, your monitoring service will hear the alarm. They can then contact you to find out what’s going on, sending the fire department your way immediately.

What Do You Do To Keep Them Working?

Smoke detectors only work when they’re being used properly. Have a professional security technician install them for you to make sure that they’re working properly. Test or have each of them tested every month by pressing the “test” button on the devices. And replace the batteries every year to ensure that they’re working as they should. Something that many homeowners forget to do is replace the devices, too – this needs to be done every 9 to 10 years. New technology makes them much more accurate, so even if your twenty-year-old smoke detector still seems to be working, it’s probably a lot slower than a new device would be. In the event of a fire, it might not warn you until it’s too late for you to get out safely, and nobody wants that to happen. So keep them maintained and take care to respond to their warnings – it could save your life.

Every home should have at least one smoke detector because house fires are not to be trifled with. Your safety is extremely important, so make sure to use these to protect you from being taken by surprise in a house fire.